Sagareus's Rock Solid Maintenance Program

Here is exactly how Sagareus reduces Maintenance Costs for our clients.

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Comprehensive Rental Property Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance at Turnover

We've developed a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Checklist to be completed at each turn over.  This checklist reduces maintenance calls during tenancy;  Landlords are very concerned with reducing vacancy time, however, taking a few extra hours to perform the standard preventative checklist has proven to reduce costs and vacancy loss. We've learned over the years some of the most common calls we get, so we've built our turn over checklist to prevent them before the tenant moves in.

Regular Property Upkeep

For every property 2+ unit property, Sagareus schedules our recurring Common Area Maintenance Program. Maintenance is onsite 2-4x per month to attend to common area maintenance including hallways/breezeways, parking lot, laundry room, landscaping and surrounding sidewalks.  This allows management staff to schedule Resident Maintenance calls during these routine upkeep appointments, all reducing cost to owner. 

The truth is maintenance emergencies are relatively rare. Most calls can wait a few days when maintenance is already on site or nearby, this reduces cost to the maintenance company and these savings are passed on to the building owner. 

Here is a breakdown of our Regular Property Upkeep:

By Type


  • Entry- Free of debris, spider webs, mail, etc. Exterior siding should be sprayed down and/or scrubbed as needed. Light fixtures should be clean. Hose down/scrub as needed.
  • Parking Lot - Free of debris, excess resident storage items, etc
  • Dumpster Area - Clean & functional; dumpsters able to close; All cardboard flattened
  • Sidewalks/Curb - Free of debris; Drains are not clogged
  • Landscaping - Grass mowed & edged, bushes/ivy cut back, no branches threatening the building; Free of debris
  • Lights - All exterior lights should be functional at all times
  • Doors - Exterior doors close automatically; Locks are functional; Clean, free of scuff marks or other stains
  • Roof/Gutters - Free of debris, no leaks or clogs


  • Breezeways - Free of debris, spider webs, mail, etc.
  • Tenant Register - Current
  • Laundry Room- Free of debris, old detergent bottles, excess clothing, etc.  Machines & countertops wiped down; Floor swept & mopped. Walls clean & free of damage; Garbage can recently emptied.
  • Doors/Windows - Unit doors are clean & free of marks or other stains.  Resident items on exterior of door are limited to Welcome Mat & no more than 2 pairs of shoes.  Windows & window tracks are clean & window sills are dusted.
  • Storage - Clean & organized
  • Key box - All unit keys in box, properly labelled.  At least 3 spare laundry room door keys available & labelled

By Recommended Frequency

1 to 4x / Month (Depending on Property Size)

  • Clean all interior of building including laundry room
  • Walk entire building interior & exterior
  • Check/adjust door closers
  • Pick up litter/sweep as needed
  • Replace out light bulbs
  • Ensure all exterior doors are shut & locked
  • Check Exterior & Interior Entry
    • Clean up as needed
  • Check Dumpster Area
    • Clean up as needed
  •  Check garbage cans; Take out as needed
  • Deep clean exterior & parking lot
  • Landscaping as needed
  • Check downspouts/drains for clogs
  • Check emergency lights
  • Clean up storage rooms


  • Jan - Service Fire Extinguishers
  • Feb - Dryer Vents, snake or replace dryer vent
  • March - Key Audit
  • April - Parking and garage cleanup; Remove junk, clean area, powerwash oil stains, repaint numbers/lines
  • May - Spring Cleaning - All unit dump run, Clean out discarded storage
  • June - Exterior Paint: Touch Up Front door, Trim, Hand Railings
  • July - Site Manager Project - $200 budget
  • Aug - Roof & Gutter Clean
  • Sept - Fall All Unit; Service Heaters, check weather stripping, smoke/co2, bathroom exhausts
  • Oct - Annual Inspection + Winterization; Prep exterior for winter, shovel and salt on site, covered hose registers, trim and plant new bushes as necessary
  • Nov - Laundry Room Project;  Deep clean, Touch Up Paint, number storage areas, increase security/lighting, make improvements as needed
  • Dec - Happy Holidays!

Regular Inspections

Sagareus documents a monthly property inspection of all common areas to check for any impending issues, such as over growing trees/limbs, damaged downspouts/gutters, clogged drains, unsightly tenant belongings in parking or on patios, etc.

Finally, an annual all unit inspection is documented. Management is checking all resident homes for safety issues (Smoke, CO2 detectors, and heater function), leaks or loose fixtures, and general cleanliness of property. 

Emergencies are expensive and 90% of emergencies can be prevented through regular inspections and upkeep.

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