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How to apply & what to expect

Application FAQs

Last updated: Nov 16 2023

All information on this page is subject to change without notice. Individual listings may have leasing criteria that differs from the information below. Applicants to verify.

How do I apply?

Submit Application Here

Please email proof of income & current tenant ledger to

All adults will need to submit a separate application. 

$40 application fee.

What qualifies as proof of income?

Sagareus will accept the following documents as proof of income:

- Paystubs from employer

- Previous year tax return

- Signed Offer Letter for pending employment with start date included

- Letter verifying SSI, retirement, child support, Section 8, rental assistance, and/or other recurring income.  

What is Rental Verification?

Sagareus will contact your previous landlord to ensure rent payments were timely & you adhered to lease agreement.

If available, please send tenant ledger showing zero balance and no late payment to

Are pets allowed?

Check individual listing for pet policy. 

Support animals are always accepted and not subject to pet rent or deposit. Submit documentation to

What are minimum qualifications?

All applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications for tenancy:

Income - Combined household gross income must be at least 2.5x rent amount. Employment/Income must be verified with past 2 months pay stubs or other financial statement.

Credit Score - Your credit score is the primary determining factor in setting the security deposit on your lease.  Sagareus will run a credit check on each adult and take the average to establish the household credit score. 

Rental History - No outstanding balance with previous landlord and No eviction record.

Do you allow Co-Signers?


Co-signers will need to submit an application separately. 

Do you accept Section 8 or other rental assistance?


What are Move In Funds?

Prorated 1st month rent + security deposit + last month rent.

Prorated 1st month rent is due within 48 hours of lease signing. 

Option to pay security deposit + last month rent in six or less equal installments over six months.