Resident FAQs

When is Rent Due / How Do I Pay Rent?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late at 5pm on 5th.  Late Fees are auto-applied at 5:01pm on the 5th.

You can pay rent online via your Resident Portal or with cash with the RetailMe Service.

Contact your Resident Coordinator regarding the RetailMe Service if cash is your preferred payment method.

Read More about Sagareus Rent Policies and Procedures Here.

How do I Submit a Maintenance Request?

A Maintenance Emergency includes:

  • Anything that may be a fire hazard, such as broken heater, stove or oven, or exposed wires.
  • Anything related to security or your ability to exit, such as broken locks or windows
  • Anything related to your ability to cook or store food, such as broken refrigerator or stove top.
  • Anything that may be a flood issue, such as a major leak.
  • A broken water heater

Please call the Maintenance Emergency Line first, then the Resident Line for the fastest possible response.

Emergency Maintenance -425-230-2445

Resident Line - 206- 207-3193

Standard maintenance requests can be submitted online via your Resident Portal. Standard maintenance items are non-emergency issues, such as:

  • Small leaks, running toilets, or dripping shower / tub faucets
  • Drain Clogs
  • Broken interior door knobs, locks, or hinges
  • Broken or malfunctioning microwave, dishwasher, or washer/dryer
What if I know I will be Late to Pay Rent?

Residents who need an extension on rent payment are granted 1 extension during their tenancy without penalty AS LONG AS the resident contacts management BEFORE the 1st of the month to request the extension.   All future extensions will include a late fee.   

If you will be late a 2nd time, you cannot avoid the late fee, however, by notifying management before the 5th of the date you will pay, you CAN AVOID the additional Notice Fee.

Read More about Sagareus Rent Policies and Procedures Here.

Can I Mail In or Drop Off my Rent to the Office?

No.  The office does not accept mailed or dropped off checks. 

Please either pay online via EFT or Credit Card.  If you prefer to pay via cash, contact our office to set up your RetailMe account, which allows you to pay your rent at local stores such as 7-11 or CVS Pharmacy + 100s more options. 

Read More about Sagareus Rent Policies and Procedures Here.

What are the Move Out Procedures?

1: Provide Notice to Vacate

Please provide at least 20 days Notice to Vacate of your lease end date.  For example, if your lease ends on March 31, you need to provide notice by 5pm,  March 11th.  

You may provide notice via your Resident Portal or via email to  You will receive a confirmation of receipt from your Resident Coordinator.

2: Plan to Vacate on or before 9pm on the last day of your lease.

Maintenance will conduct the final Move Out Condition Report and begin working on your unit at 8am the following day. Locks will be changed and any remaining items will be dumped. 

3: Provide Forwarding Address + Instructions for Deposit Return

Please provide your forwarding address and any special instructions for security deposit refund via Resident Portal or via email to  

4: Security deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks

We will send security deposit via mail 2 weeks (or less). If you fail to provide a forwarding address, the check will be available for pick up at our office by appointment.

5: To avoid cleaning , replacement, or repair charges

- The property must be cleaned and restored to to original condition, less normal wear and tear.

- All cleaning, repairs, and replacements must be done to management satisfaction

- All personal items and debris must be removed. Any costs incurred for item disposal, including items left by the dumpster, will be deducted from security deposit. 

- All keys and garage door openers must be returned; Replacements fees will be deducted from security deposit. 

6: Deductions to Expect from Deposit

- Standard Professional carpet cleaning charge

- Utility bill closing statements

- Any past due rent or other fees will be deducted from deposit

7: In the event charges exceed Security Deposit amount

Should cleaning, repair and replacement charges exceed the security deposit, management will send you a statement outlining the charges and expect payment within 30 days.  Payments plans are available, as needed.  Failure to pay will result in the amount owed being sent to collections on every adult on the lease. 

How do I Add / Remove a Roommate?

Incoming Roommate needs to complete an application like all other Residents. Once approved, your Resident Coordinator will prepare a Roommate Addendum which all current Residents will need to sign off.

There is a 1 time $200 Administrative Fee for a Roommate Change.

How do I Add / Remove a Pet?

Please always keep us informed about changes to pet status!  This is especially important so the Maintenance Team is aware of pets in your home when performing work orders. 

If you had a pet when you moved in and no longer have the pet, please let your Resident Coordinator know! They will remove your pet rent fee. 

If you'd like to Add a Pet,  we need to first check the pet policy.  Pet Policy varies by property, so you will need to reference your Lease.  Or, submit a request & we'll be happy to double check the Pet Policy at your Building. 

Most properties include a Pet Rent rather than additional security deposit, so just let us know & we'll add the pet to your account! 

Can you Kick Out My Roommate?
No. Sagareus does not get involved in disputes among roommates, including current or previous significant others.  All residents on the lease are responsible for the full amount of rent, regardless of what disputes are going on internally.
Information for Tenants from City of Seattle

Here is a link to the City of Seattle Information for Tenants pamphlet.

This summary of Washington state and City of Seattle landlord/tenant regulations must be provided to tenants by owners of residential rental property located in Seattle on at least an annual basis.

Please note that City and State laws may not be identical on any particular topic; therefore, both sets of laws should be consulted. For legal advice, please consult an attorney

Who do I list for a Landlord Reference?

When filling out an application for another property, you may be asked to list previous landlord.  Please use our general office information for fastest response!

Landlord: Sagareus Real Estate
Phone: 206-207-3193
Address: 2265 116th Ave NE #110, Bellevue, WA 98004