Project Management

Sagareus Team Members oversee the stabilization process between acquisition and performa.

Project Management

  • Investor's Choice
  • Project Team Coordination
  • Pre-Construction
  • Project Oversight
  • Project Completion

Often, real estate investors are sold an asset based on a performa valuation.  In order to hit the market valuation, some level of work is required.  

Most firms will sell you the asset then leave you to your own devices. What sets Sagareus apart is our ability to manage projects including light cosmetic upgrading,  full scale renovations, short plat and ground up development.

Our team takes the lead on all aspects for a nominal fee, allowing you to oversee from afar and focus on high level, big picture goals. 


Sagareus will refer and assist in the the selection of needed project team members including our vetted architects, engineers, consultants, general contractors, subcontractors, and vendors. 

Working with the team of specialists, Sagareus will take the lead on finalizing plans:

- Developing cost efficient designs

- Estimating construction costs + competitive bidding process

- Ensuring proper permits, licenses, and insurance in place for all projects details

- Finalizing Scope of Work + Timeline

- Communicating schedule with all vendors and stakeholders


As the project progresses, Sagareus monitors status on costs and timeline projections. 

Project Oversight Requires

- Regular site visits / inspections

- Vendor oversight / negotiation

- Handling change orders

- Coordinating logistics of keys, notices to occupants and/or neighbors, and vendor scheduling

- Real time problem solving

- Active communication with all stakeholders

As tasks are completed, Sagareus approves final invoice payment after vendors sign off required Lien Waiver and final inspections are approved by city officials, as needed.

Finally, as the project comes to an end, Sagareus will double check all punch list items are complete, double check all invoice payments, lien waivers are signed, and permits are on file.

Client is provided with a project close out file for property records.

Project Management FAQs

What are Project Management fees?

Sagareus clients (management or sales) are charged 2.5% of total project cost as a Project Management Fee. 

Non-Sagareus Property Management clients, Project Management Fee is 5% of total project.