Sagareus Real Estate Team

Experienced Brokers Only

Minimum Qualifications

  • 2+ years active WA State Real Estate License
  • $3 million+ total gross sales closed


Splits & Fees

Sales Split

  • $300 Transaction Fee
  • No splits, cap or desk fees

Management Split

Advisors earn recurring referral fee on clients referred to property management 

  • 2% gross collected rent / month
  • No Cap on recurring income

Firm Support

In House Property Management

  • Earn Monthly Recurring Revenue while offering complete service to your investor clients
  • Convert more sellers leads by offering every solution available - Cash Offer, List or Lease
  • Enroll your own rental properties in Sagareus Management, earn a management kick back from your own portfolio

Value First Content Marketing

  • Marketing is primarily creating content designed to address the problems and needs of our customers, we attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for our business.
  • Marketing creates useful content Advisors can utilize for their follow up / personal brand campaigns
  • Sagareus empowers all Advisors to market themselves using "Inbound" marketing. 
  • Good-for-the-client means good-for-the-business, our company grows better over the long term.
  • See Sagareus Social pages for examples of content marketing in action. 

Optional Broker Tools & Additional Support

  • Branded Deal analysis spreadsheets 
  • Tried and true sales tools including robust HubSpot CRM system
  • Annual Headshots provided
  • Professionally designed templates & premium & accounts
  • Signage, social posts, and swag to show your Sagareus pride
  • Personal website, blog and video production provided

Sagareus Culture

Sagareus (noun)
the sense of peace felt when you know who you are, what you're doing, and where you are going.
We understand success is different for every team member; Our job is to focus on our own goals and support each other toward our individual initiatives. 
Own Your Future
Own Your Future means taking full responsibility for the outcomes you produce.
Investing is real estate is hard. As a business owner, the final result falls on you. You cannot push the responsibility on someone else. The best you can hope to do is build a team of people who also take ownership for the results they produce.  
Sagareus Team Members take ownership over as much of the process as we can by educating and assisting clients with every aspect of Real Estate Ownership.

Status & Payment

Referral Partners are Independent Contractors.  To receive payment, referring brokers must submit a W-9 form to Sagareus Accounting and will be paid by the 2nd Friday of each month for the previous month via EFT / Direct Deposit.

Referring Broker's must remain licensed to receive referral fee. Referral commission are non-transferrable. 

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