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This story starts in 2015.  A young Army family, (Ian & Angie, their 2 daughters and Angie's mom), were stationed at Fort Lewis, relocating from Alaska. 

They wanted at least a 4 bedroom house to live in so there would be enough room for everyone, they wanted a good investment and they needed to buy the property SIGHT UNSEEN!

On top of these needs, they had $0 to put as a down payment. 

We discussed their situation and they were able to connect with a lender who set them up with a VA Loan, which required 0% down.  After several rejected offers, we eventually secured this house in Yelm for $215k:

erika richter real estate

They hated the HOA & their requirements. And while everyone had their own (small) bedrooms, there was little living space for the family of 5 to share.  

Angie called me 1-2x per year since 2015, wanting to sell & move into a bigger property.  Each time, we ran the numbers, evaluated the market, and each time it just didn't make sense to sell.

Fast forward to June 2020:

Ian was transferred to Virginia, we took a look at the market, and decided... yes, let's list this property.  We listed for $329,950; We received the first offer within 8 hours, had 20 showings in 2 days, which produced 7 offers total... all over list price. 

Ultimately, Ian & Angie accepted an offer for $340,000. After taxes & fees, they're put $113,000 in their pocket, paid off their vehicles & padded their savings account for a rainy day. 

Yelm returns

Lessons Learned
Working with Erika

"I absolutely love what I do! Helping people build wealth thru real estate is my passion, I've dedicated my professional life to learning the ins & outs of investing, what to look for and what to avoid for each individual or family I work with. Every situation is different and I have so much fun with every transaction! I hope you will be my next success story!"

Learn more about working with Erika HERE.

erika richter real estate


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