Vincent Chen

Sr Real Estate Advisor

After completing his undergrad in Computer Science from University of Toronto, Vincent started his professional career as a Software Engineer and remains a software consultant to date. 

Vincent began personally investing in real estate in 2014 and has completed full gut renovations, BRRRR, ground up development, and conventional buy and holds.  As Vincent's expertise became more well rounded, he obtained his real estate license in 2016 in order to assist clients achieve similar results as himself. 

Vincent currently serves as an Senior Real Estate Advisor with Sagareus Real Estate. He sources, evaluates and negotiates the best acquisitions for his client base.  Post Close, Vincent remains with his clients as their Asset Manager, ensuring the asset is brought to it's full potential.  Vincent's unique combination of educational and professional experience make him a valuable member of your real estate investing team. 

YTD Sales Volume: $42.1m

AUMs: $9.2m

When he's not analyzing or negotiating deals, Vincent can be found coding or chasing around his 2 year old son.


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.- Henry David Thoreau