Alex Chang

Alex Chang

Associate Real Estate Advisor

After completing a double major in Law, Societies and Justice + Political Science from UW, Alex went on to graduate from Seattle U with a law degree.  With this strong educational background, Alex began his professional career in a variety of legal roles.  Alex began personally investing in real estate and determined his highest contribution is through real estate investment specialization.

Alex currently serves as an Associate Real Estate Advisor with Sagareus Real Estate. He sources, evaluates and negotiates the best acquisitions for his client base.  Post Close, Alex remains with his clients as their Asset Manager, ensuring the asset is brought to it's full potential.  Alex's unique combination of educational and professional experience make him a valuable member of your real estate investing team. 

YTD Sales Volume: $36.3m

AUMs: $12.8m

When he's not analyzing or negotiating deals, Alex can be found playing soccer, traveling, or spending time with friends and family.

The secret to winning is constant, consistent management. - Tom Landry